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Hinduism In A Nutshell (E-Book)

Hinduism In A Nutshell (E-Book)



HINDUISM IN A NUTSHELL by Milon Nandy is an amazing book that every Hindu should read. He will realise that he knew nothing about the religion he was born into. Because he was born into the religion, he made no enquiry or investigation as to what and how the religion came about – its history and evolution. How the invasion of the other religions shaped its foundation, and how did Hindus end up praying at temples as they do today?


Why do Hindus pray to the Gods they do today? Were they praying to them all along in history, or did something change along the way? Find out what Gautama Buddha did to help spread the knowledge of the Vedas, but incidentally, started a whole new religion known as “Buddhism” today. All these and so much more that we do not know is revealed in this comprehensive book.


A fantastic book by the world-renowned author Milon Nandy, Hinduism In A Nutshell explains everything there is to know in Hinduism giving a well-rounded view of the religion and its practices. Written in simple and easy-to-understand style that Nandy is famous for.


About the author


Milon Nandy has written in access of 250 books in his lifetime. He is popular for the many English language books that he has written over the centuries. He had also written a series of books on the four main religions, but released only three titles (while he was alive). He intended for the fourth book to be his most important work – Hinduism In A Nutshell.


In his words to the reader


“I have been actuated to write this book by the intention of acquinting the curious reader with only the main features of Hinduism, so that he may catch a glimpse of some of its irresistible beauties that may in turn evoke his admiration for the religion or his pride in it and whet his desire to delve into its magnificence.” – Milon Nandy





1. The Aryans

2. Definition of a Hindu

3. Hindu View of God

4. Doctrines and Rituals

5. Hinduism and Society



1. The Vedas

2. The Four Vedas

3. Religion of Rig-Vedic Aryans

4. Life after Death



1. Hindu Conceptions

2. The Caste System

3. Salvation



1. The Epic Age

2. The Story of the Mahabharata

3. The Story of the Ramayana

4. Influence of the Epics

5. The Upanishads

6. The Rise of Hinduism

7. Puranas

8. Sutras

9. Sastras



1. Hindu Duties

2. The Hindu Joint Family

3. The Hindu Woman



Religious Reformers and the Vedanta

1. Sankaracharya

2. Ramanuja

3. Chaitanya

4. Tulsi Das

5. Ram Mohan Roy

6. Swami Dayananda

7. Ramakrishna and Vivekananda



Hinduism’s Historical Development

1. Early development of Hinduism

2. Learning and Education

3. Revolt against Brahminism

4. The Golden Age of Hinduism

5. Rajput India

6. Muslim Invasion; Causes of easy Victory

7. Hindu Colonists

8. Hinduism under the Delhi Sultanate

9. Attitude of Muslim Rulers towards Hinduism

10. Christian Onslaught

11. Hinduism Today


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