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Books by Joy Nandy

``It has so much to teach and clarify to people.``

Amitha (Life At An Ashram In India)

``I just finished reading the book. IT IS AWESOME! Hope you write more books and share with us.``

Kavitha (Life At An Ashram In India)

``This book is one-of-a-kind and everyone should read it!``

Tannia (Life At An Ashram In India)

Happiness Through Knowledge

Everyone is seeking answers to the many questions in life. Who am I? Why are we here? What is our purpose? How to overcome sorrow? and more. Our publications provide the answers to many of life’s burning questions, as their titles suggest. Get these books that can help anyone realise his or her real identity, our purpose on earth, and discover the path to end sorrow in life – that shall lead to a fulfilled life on earth. Buy them online and have them delivered to your doorstep, or pick them up from any of these retail outlets (in Malaysia). However, if you wish to start reading any of these books immediately (and if you are in a far away place), please consider purchasing the e-book versions which you can download immediately.


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The Author's Story

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Gems From The Ashrams

Joy Nandy spent several months in India visiting Jnana Ashrams (Knowledge Ashrams) to find out What is Man’s real identity and What is life on earth all about? He underwent intensive classroom-based teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads (Ancient Hindu Philosophy) by enlightened sages at these ashrams. Realising that the common man may find it difficult to understand these ancient scriptures, yet with a desire to reveal it’s nectar to the masses, he now unveils deep and complex ancient Hindu spiritual philosophies in simple explanations in English for the new generations, packaged as modern-day handy books and e-books for everyone to relish and gain. This precious ‘Knowledge for Mankind’ can be found at ashrams, but since very few access this nectar, Joy made his mission to reveal the ‘Gems From The Ashrams’ through his publications and blogs.

NEW BOOK LAUNCH! – 'Rise From Your Sorrow'

A rare book that is specially written for anyone experiencing sorrow based on lessons learned at an ashram and the Hindu Sacred Scriptures on how to rise from sorrow. Anyone in sorrow is destined for enlightenment. This book explains the details on how to get rid of sorrow permanently in life by realising our real identity based on the author’s real life learning, realisations, and experiences. *Book is based on Bhagavad Gita
Rise From Your Sorrow book by Joy Nandy

Self-Knowledge Leads To Joy

Some of my blogs have become content for my books and vice-versa, therefore, here are some blogs that you can read to discover our real identity and why are we here on earth, and the discovery of these lead us to eternal joy through logic and reasoning.

+who am I,
Who Am I? – The MOST sensible answer on the internet

  After going to the ashram, I was taught that this outer or exterior body, or this form covered by skin and flesh, is not my ‘real identity’. Body, name,…

Is money a material or spiritual thing?

I have heard people say that the two are separate, that the pursuit of making money is different from a spiritual pursuit, and therefore, one has to choose a path…

Sorrow is the gateway to joy

Ever so often when things go wrong in our lives, we blame it on all the external factors of our lives, and sometimes on other people. We slip into the…

who am i - joy nandy
Critical situations lead to spiritual awakening

  The bad and nasty situations in the world have given birth to some of the best ideas, results, solutions, concepts, music, books, literature, theater, etc., the world has seen.…

Hinduism in a Nutshell by Milon Nandy
A good and concise introduction to Hinduism by Milon Nandy

Hinduism, the oldest and perhaps the most tolerant of all known religions, which stresses conduct and ceremony rather than rigid belief, has weathered many storms and crises in the course…

Medicine for the troubled mind and aching heart

Sometimes the events of life can throw us off balance, and we get confused. We start to ask some very serious and deep questions, and even start the quest to…
Bhaja Govindham of Sri Sankaracharya

[I found a very good and interesting book called "Bhaja Govindham of Sri Sankaracharya". "Bhaja Govindham" means 'Worship Govinda', and Sri Sankaracharya is the great ancient sage who wrote extensive…
Why we suffer, and how to stop suffering

Is there a reason to our suffering?   Are we the only ones singled out to suffer, or is the whole world suffering?   Why does sorrow happen to us,…
The importance of self-respect over wealth

There is a popular saying in life, "Everyone has a price".   Do you believe this is true?   I have heard people using this line often, but I never…

Could an "understandable" language be the reason why some Hindus convert to other religions?

This has long been an observation of mine, and it is also possibly the reason why many Hindus veer to another religion – only because he or she "understands" what's…

Joy Nandy Temple Worship Not For Gita Readers
Temple Worship, Not For Gita Readers

Many Hindus are confused or are not sure of the many paths to access God and sometimes end up doing more than they should.   There are primarily four main…

Is the Bhagavad Gita connected to temple prayers?

Sometimes I get invited to ritual prayers held at private homes and at temples and other places, though I sometimes oblige, I yet do not join in the prayers.  …

Temple prayers do not lead us to happiness

It won’t be easy for a Hindu (or anyone) to achieve liberation through mere temple prayers or rituals or sacrifices because we pray to any one, or few, of the…

Man Is An Immortal Spirit

In any study there will be top students and there will be weak students. This is the same with teachers and gurus – not all of them are equally wise…

Where Is God When You Leave The Temple? Joy Nandy
Where Is God When You Leave The Temple?

Today, there are many young and elderly people alike who do not experience the inner solace they desire just with temple visits and in our advanced years, temple visits may…

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